The Shomrei/Eli Partnership - Alive and Well

Israel Connections

Please click here to read Israel Connections, by Mike Lowenstein, co-chair of the Israel Committee

Features include:

  • JobKatif - Spotlight on Rav Yosef Rimon
  • Yishuv Eli, Shomrei's sister community in Israel
  • Shomrei Israel Committee presentations
  • Sar-El - Volunteers for Israel

Big Brother CHanukah Appeal

Big Brother Program Chanukah Appeal - 2015

Israel Bonds

Israel bonds are securities issued by the government of Israel. Israel Bonds is also the more familiar name of the Development Corporation for Israel (DCI)-a FINRA member broker/dealer, the underwriter for the bonds.

Securities offered by the Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds can help achieve numerous investment goals, including preservation of capital, retirement planning, charitable giving and portfolio diversification. Click here to learn more